Rivaldo signs Rivaldo

Rivaldo signs himself (Google images)

Mogi Mirim have sensationally signed former world player of the year, World Cup winner and ex-Barcelona star Rivaldo. Admittedly past his peak at 38 years of age, the signing is still without doubt a major coup for such a small lousy team. Mogi Mirim is a town with around 100,000 inhabitants, they play in the first tier of the São Paulo state Championship but are not even in the top two tiers of the national championship. So just how on earth Mogi Mirim pull of this marquee signing? Who bankrolled the signing on fee? Who negotiated the marketing rights? Who convinced the great man to do such a thing?
The answer is: himself. Yes, that’s right Rivaldo did. As the owner of Mogi Mirim FC, Rivaldo thought he would make a good signing.

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