Vasco win 6-1 in Brazilian Cup

Things are picking up for Vasco under new coach Ricardo Gomes (Maurí­cio Val / FOTOCOM.NET)

The standout result of the Brazilian Cup this week was Vasco’s 6-1 away win over Comercial-MS (the MS means that this team is from the state of Mato Grosso do Sul). The idea that there are no more easy games in football anymore is not entirely true when you come up against a team from Mato Grosso do Sul (Santos beat Naviraiense, a team from the same state, 10-0 in the Brazilian Cup last year). However, credit must still go to Vasco. After losing their first four games of the season, changing their coach and losing their best player Carlos Alberto (ex-Porto) to Grêmio, they seem to have turned the page. They beat América from Rio 9-0 in their last state championship match and now this. í‰der Luis, Fellipe Bastos, Jéferson, Rí´mulo and Marcel (2) scored the goals against Comercial. In the first two rounds of the Brazilian Cup, teams that win the first leg away from home by 2 or more goals pass through to the next round without the need for a second leg. Therefore, Vasco will qualify without the need for a second leg at home. See rules of Brazilian Cup and team name explanation here.

In other results, Palmeiras beat Comercial-PI 2-1 (this is the Comercial from a state called Piauí­, not the same as Comercial that were thrashed by Vasco) away from home but will have to play a second leg in São Paulo. First division team Atlético-GO lost 3-2 to Brusque-SC from the national fourth division. Ceará beat Cuiabá-MT 2-0 away from home and progress to the next round. Newly promoted (to the first division) Coritiba are also through after a 3-0 aggregate win against Ypiranga-RS as are Bahia who beat S.Domingos 5-1. Atlético Mineiro beat Iape-MA 3-2 and will need to take the game to a second leg. Atletico Paranaense lost (2-1) against Rio Branco in the Amazon Jungle but can still save themselves at home. Joel Santana’s Botafogo lost 1-0 against River Plate from Sergipe (don’t confuse with River Plate from Argentina) and can also save themselves at home. Avaí­, Paraná and Goiás also progress. Remember, Flamengo and São Paulo both classified for the next round with 3-0 away wins last week.

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