Two Neymar goals help Brazil beat Scotland 2-0

Young Neymar was once again the star of the show. This time, however, he was wearing the famous yellow and green of Brazil as opposed to the white and black of Santos. In his third appearance for the seleção, Neymar scored two goals and showed off his skills to the world in London. He also showed off his full array of dives, which angered Scotland players and fans alike.

In Neymar’s defence he is so quick and has such a light frame that he easily loses his balance and goes to ground when touched by another player. There is also an element of the little boy who cried wolf but the Scots didn’t know about that yesterday. Obviously, if and when he moves to Europe, he’ll have to work on his strength and learn to take physical contact otherwise he’ll be in for a tough time from opposing players and fans.

Sadly, some idiot threw a banana at him in an apparently racist incident. Obviously, Neymar didn’t appreciate the gesture but preferred not to focus on that point when asked after the game. He is a decent lad at heart and if you are reading this blog Neymar (to practice you’re English ahead of a possible move to Chelsea, perhaps?) let me tell you that the sentiments of a banana throwing idiot are not felt by 99.9% of the other fans in the UK. And let it be clear to that any Neymar booing had nothing to do with race and everything to do with apparent diving.

For a full blow by blow account of the match itself, erm, read the report on the BBC. It’s quite good. I promise. My thoughts below. Feel free to disagree.

  • Neymar. Man-of the-match.
  • Brazil were great in the first half but took their foot off the pedal
  • Young Lucas (from São Paulo, not Lucas Leiva from Liverpool) was very threatening when coming on. Looks like he good be a good option from the bench and it was great to see him fearlessly running at defenders like he does for São Paulo and the Brazil u20’s.
  • Jonas made his first and probably last appearance for Brazil by blazing over with just the keeper to beat after being sent clear by young Lucas
  • The midfield trio of Ramires, Lucas Leiva and Elano is quite good and probably the best that they have got. However, compare that to say Spain or Germany’s midfield and it’s not only a bit light-weight but lacking in quality. I’d say that this is Brazil’s problem area. Of course, Ganso is still coming back from injury which is why he wasn’t called up for this game. He is stronger and more skilful than these three but would he play in a midfield trio or be employed further up the pitch?
  • Leandro Damião made a quiet debut but looked very athletic when attacking the ball from set plays. Could be a useful target man for Brazil in years to come.
  • Brazil are fine at centre-back and right-back
  • André Santos played well at left-back and seems to have matured and improved as a player since moving to Europe last year (he plays in Turkey)
  • Ever since his World Cup calamity, Julio Cesar has looked dodgy. I think Brazil need a new keeper.
  • Jadson started and was alright. I guess we could see more of him although I don’t think he’ll keep Lucas out of the team for too long.

2 thoughts on “Two Neymar goals help Brazil beat Scotland 2-0

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  2. Bananagate went into overdrive after the game. The press (Brazilian and British) got it all wrong because Neymar didn’t accuse anybody of being racist. The Brazilian press got it wrong because they insinuated that the Scotland fans were racist and the British press because they said Neymar said something he didn’t say. I have left some comments about his behaviour (diving) in a previous post though.

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