Germany v Brazil: a disgruntled Brazilian view

A metrosexual pony? (Mowa Press)

Brazil take on Germany in a glamorous international friendly match in Stuttgart tonight. However, after their poor showing at the recent Copa America not all Brazilians will be cheering on their countrymen. There is a growing discontent among many fans about a perceived lack of commitment from the men in the yellow jerseys. With his permission, I’ve translated Teco’s recent comments (from an internet forum) about the national team and published them below.

After I went to the World Cup in Germany to watch the seleção live and seeing what I saw, my patriotism for the team has gone.

Totally uncommitted players thinking they are great because they are playing for Brazil at a World Cup … leaving the field smiling after losing so pathetically against  France …. after seeing it first hand, this bunch of arseholes don’t deserve any fans.

That pig Ricardo Teixeira (CBF president) has managed to destroy a national heritage, the Brazilian national football team… back in the day, already established players felt real honour and pride to wear the famous yellow and green jersey and they sweated blood while playing for Brazil.

These days it’s impossible to cheer for guys like Robinho, Neymar and this bunch of ponies and suck ups that are more concerned with their own image than playing for their country … patriotism doesn’t exist anymore. These guys make fortunes playing overseas and it’s as if playing for Brazil has become a good opportunity to take a holiday in Brazil to be close to their family and friends…. in the last two World Cup qualifiers that they played here in Brazil, the players went off to party after the games and some of them even missed their flight back to Europe.

Today our hopes are pinned on the feet of a metrosexual pony…. seriously, there is nothing to get excited about anymore and it’s impossible to feel patriotic for this team…. that’s a thing of the past!

In some ways, Dunga managed to rescue some of it, but he wasn’t a proper coach… he could be part of the technical staff to pass on his experience, his grit and determination that made him such a good player for Brazil. He could be the seleção disciplinarian, putting everyone in line. But making him coach, a guy with no experience at all, is just crazy.

We’ve got the players with the potential to form a good team, but need to change a lot and especially the mentality. Starting with the way our football is run. We keep on making out that the European leagues are so good but no Championship in the world is as exciting as ours. But we don’t know how to manage it to make it a good spectacle and we are too worried about the overseas market.

I see that some of the teams are starting to find ways and means to bring in more money and to hold on to our superstars, but that’s still in its infancy.

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