Internacional 3 Santos 3: What’s going on with both teams?

Does Borges (left) deserve a chance for the seleção? (Getty Images)

Internacional and Santos drew 3-3 in a fascinating match on Wednesday night. In absolute cruise control, 3-0 in front (and deservedly so) with 15 minutes to go, Internacional inexplicably let Santos back in the game. 15 minutes later, its 3-3 and Inter’s players are being booed off the pitch at the final whistle.

At 12:54 AM, I’m not going to bother with a full match report if you’ll excuse me but there are a few topics of debate I think are worth opening up:

1/ what the heck happened to Internacional in this match and this season more generally? Where has their concentration and intensity gone?

2/ what’s going on with Ganso? The guy is hardly doing anything these days and with a 20 million + pound price tag it’s not surprizing that transfer deadline day came and went without even so much as a rumour.

3/ Santos – so solid defensively in Muricy Ramalho’s first few months with the club and now the defence looks like a big chunk of melting butter. How did that happen?

4/ with two of Santos’ goals tonight, Borges now moves up to 14 in the league so far this season. That kind of form surely warrants a chance in the seleção. Anybody agree?

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10 thoughts on “Internacional 3 Santos 3: What’s going on with both teams?

  1. Borges scoring skills are unbelievable… I always knew about it, although I always get impressed with his performances. His form absolutely deserves a chance in seleção, but his lack of international experience and advanced age (31) surely are enough for him not to even pass by Mano’s mind. Santos defence is shit without Arouca… Adriano has been doing well, but he needs Arouca together. Ganso has tried to play with so much class that he is performing weak and look like not caring about it, ridiculous. 1 year ago and everybody was saying that he was far better than Neymar… never agreed.

    Regarding Internacional, I just don’t know. I never really thought their team was the best in Brazil, but not so bad as their performance so far this year.

    • I think Borges is still only 30 Gil. Still a little old for the seleção some people are saying. But like you, I think why not? The guy is scoring goals in a struggling team. Lethal. Deserves a chance.

      I dont understand the Ganso situation. He has got class no doubt but it looks like he is struggling with the pace of the game – can you imagine him in Europe, then?

  2. there is a weird coincidence about both teams!they reached their peak when they won the Copa Libertadores and then they just seem to lose their concentration !is it fatigue?is it due to the feeling of accomblishment?i don’t know!about ganso,i think that the whole hype around him has really affected him and his performances,he has class no doubt but being constantly on the media spotline hasn’t done him any good.borges’s done a great job so far,if he’s in a good form he can find a spot at seleção.i hope that meneizes will call ronnie too!

  3. – Both teams are ridiculous.

    – Ganso is frustrated because he didn’t managed to play in Corinthians then Europe.

    – Borges is weak, Leandro Damião is miles ahead of him.

    – About Santos defence…. The whole team is messy so that’s why now the defense is showing it’s real potential. Leo is quite old, Dracena too but he is also in poor physical conditions (reminds me a lot William from Corinthians before retiring)… Durval is an average player…. and Pará…. well, below the average.

    VAI CORINTHIANS!!! looking forward for the 101 years special @

    • Aaaah. Nothing like a completely impartial analysis there Denis.

      Q: Where has Inter’s form gone and what has happened to Santos’ defence?
      A: “Both teams are ridiculous”

      Ganso wasnt interested in signing for Corinthians come on! More likely that he is upset that he was priced out of a move to Europe. Also must be pissed off that he is earning about one tenth of what Neymar is (he is afraid of sigining a new contract with Santos thanks to the huge release clause they are insisting on). Perhaps also struggling physically after all of his injuries.

      Okay. You are upset I dont write more about Corinthians. They are league leaders after all. I’ll write something. I’m still waiting for you to take me to a game though!

  4. It may sound strange, but I was actually quite pleased with Santos’ defense on Wednesday. Compared to how the team has been defending as of late, that was a masterclass. Still, even though all three goals came from simple, individual errors rather than a systematic failure, there is a house of cards feel about the back four. As Denis touched on above, there are definite problems. I always go after Pará (and rightly so) but Edu Dracena has really gone downhill quickly since the start of the year. He’s lacking focus and discipline. Playing Léo for two games straight has become a hindrance. He’s still a great player, but age has caught up with him. I don’t agree on the Durval verdict completely. I would put him forward as one of Santos’ most consistent performers this year.

    I think I have a couple of ideas where the defense is so poor compared to earlier this year.

    a) No Jonathan
    b) Fatigue
    c) Neymar’s poor form means defending with 7 players is no longer an option. Some of the midfielders have to go risk going forward.
    d) As a result of c) and the narrowness of the 4-3-1-2 formation the flanks are extremely exposed.
    e) Ganso’s defensive work has dropped off significantly.

    Speaking of Ganso, his situation is just baffling. Every time you think he’s showing signs of returning to his best, the next game brings a more lethargic performance. Muricy should bench him in my opinion. That should give him the necessary jolt.

    In general the 4-3-1-2 that Muricy used earlier in the year was heavily dependent on Neymar to single-handedly lead the attack. With his drop in form, the need for a more thorough plan of attack has been exposed. Muricy tried out a 4-2-2-2 vs. Fluminese which worked well. Unfortunately, Elano and Arouca picked up injuries in the game, so he went back to the 4-3-1-2. I think the 4-2-2-2 will be the eventual solution. That width in both attack and defense is disparately needed.

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