Neymar: last of the mohicans

The end of an era? (Mowa Press)

Brazil is in a state of shock after Neymar revealed that he is getting rid of his mohican. In a shocking revelation for all his mohican loving followers in Brazil and throughout the world, the player said: ”It’s a secret. It’s a tribute. You’ll see soon. I’m going to be a little bit more normal”. Nobody is more upset by this news than Joey Barton, who now looks like a tool!

The word on the street is that José Mourinho told Real Madrid directors that he would like Neymar to change his appearance if he does sign for them.

What do you think? Is he better off without it? Will you miss the Neymar mohican?

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7 thoughts on “Neymar: last of the mohicans

  1. oh the signature hairstyle?? not cool,jst when we were getting used to this image he decides 2 scrape them off…much like puyol,bacary sagna or even drogba deciding to have their heads shaved…unthinkable lolz

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