Brazilfooty readers: Neymar is better than Ganso

Brazilfooty readers vote for Neymar (Mowa Press)

Its official! Neymar is better than Ganso. That’s according to a poll of Brazilfooty readers. In the poll, I put the question to you, the reader: Who is better – Neymar or Ganso?

Neymar won 61.7% of the vote, more than three times as much as Ganso who got 18%. A cynical 17% thought that they were both donkeys and 3% didn’t know.

After Neymar’s brilliant 2011 the results are not surprising although when I opened the poll in May last year it was still a good question. At the time, many Santos fans thought he was more important to their team than Neymar. He was immense in the 2010 São Paulo State Championship final when Santos beat Santo André. He was also great as Santos won the Brazil Cup the same year.

That all changed in 2011. Neymar scored bucket-loads of goals for Brazil and Santos, negotiated a massive new contract with Santos, turned down moves to Real Madrid and Chelsea and scored the Fifa goal of the year. I don’t really need to say much more because Neymar’s fame speaks for itself.

Ganso, on the other hand, spent most of the year on the treatment table after suffering a serious knee injury 2010. When he did manage to get on the field, he struggled for fitness at the 2011 Copa America and then limped off injured against Corinthians in the first leg of the São Paulo State Championship final. He also limped off injured in Brazil’s friendly with Ghana.

Fortunately, Ganso looks like he is coming back to form. He’s made a bright start to 2012 and and looks in much better condition physically earning the praise of national team coach Mano Menezes who after Brazil’s recent friendly with Bosnia said: ” Gradually he is improving physically and that will affect his performance. He’s quicker, lighter…. Slowly he’s regaining his place in the national team and he could become one of the best Brazilian play-makers in recent years”. Long may that continue.

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Next poll, which Brazilian team has the best chance of winning the 2012 Copa Libertadores? Have your say now.


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3 thoughts on “Brazilfooty readers: Neymar is better than Ganso

    • admittedly looks rather obvious now. It wasn’t so obvious at the time though and Ganso is back on form.

      So, any burning questions you’d like to put to readers?

      • Ganso is back – and he played very well yesterday against Corinthians!

        Internacional, Wednesday is going to have troubles against Santos, on Libertadores da America.

        Neymar does not play thinking “keep it simple”. He always want to show something else. I think this is a mistake.

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