England beat Brazil at Wembley

The new look Brazil (Mowa Press)

The new look Brazil (Mowa Press)

It wasn’t the fairtale start that Big Phil Scolari was hoping for. Nor was it the way Ronaldinho wished to celebrate his 100th cap as the boys from Brazil were beaten 2-1 by England in a lively game at Wembley.

I thought the first half was fairly even but it was England who went in 1-0 up. Brazil were lively. Ronaldinho was classy and won a penalty which he missed. Neymar made a good couple of runs that were well marshaled by Cahill. He did miss an excellent chance though. Luis Fabiano was poor on his recall. He started the match and you would hardly have known he was on the pitch. I saw him live last year and thought that a lot of his pace had gone. Tonight’s display does not convince me it has or ever will come back. His replacement Fred was better. Fantastic finish although he himself is not the most mobile. I would get rid of Luis Fabiano and look at Hulk and Leandro Damião. Maybe even Osvaldo might be worth a try São Paulo fans? Somebody with some pace…

Despite their goal a few minutes in, Brazil was poor in the second half and on the balance of that, England deserved to win the match. Neymar was disappointing. He has a glaring miss in the first half although he did look lively. In the second half he disappeared. Perhaps England is too cold for him? But, his whole team were poor in the second half. Dani Alves didn’t look like much of an attacking threat. And Lucas is no Ronaldinho and was anonymous in the second half.

Ronaldinho is a legend and I was pleased to see him recalled. Shame he went off at half time though. Decent debut from Dante – I loved all of the back-heeled clearances as well as the messy hair style. Gary Cahill could learn a thing or two. Disappointing display from Arouca – a half time sub. I’ve been one of those who repeatedly called for him to be given a chance under Mano Menezes. He didn’t take it today though – he was at fault for England’s second goal and didn’t look comfortable in possession. He is a player with a lot of character and I think his game but perhaps he isn’t quite international class – the sort of international class required by the seleção. Ramires, although I’m not his biggest fan, does have his qualities and Brazil looked better with him on the pitch. He does seem to knit things together.

I am a Paulinho fan and he was okay tonight. Adriano: okay. Júlio César: I think he is still Brazil’s best keeper. Why on earth was David Luiz captain though? Is it because he’s the only one in the team who speaks English? That was a bit of a shocker. Some in the Brazilian press were saying last night that they think he will eventually play in midfield for Brazil at the World Cup. Filipão did it with Edmilson, remember? I think David Luiz is improving as a defender but was very impressed with him in some of his games in midfield for Chelsea. Impressed with Oscar tonight too.

Anyway, from Brazil’s point of view it was only a friendly match and is not the end of the world. But lots of work for Big Phil to do. Favourites to win the World Cup next year? Not on that performance. Big boost for England though. Well done to them!

Brazilian journalists love the fact that we call Big Phil Big Phil by the way!

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17 thoughts on “England beat Brazil at Wembley

  1. 70% of readers of this blog thought Brazil were going to win tonight…. just goes to show one of two things: football is a funny old game or 70% of people (including myself) don’t know what we’re talking about….

    • Brian, I read your blog and did not think that Brazil was gonna win. I guess I’m the other 30%. 🙂

      But seriously, I was one of those who frowned upon Mano Menezes sacking last year. Just as he was starting to form a team, things were improving. Then Marin sacked him. Ok, if he was going to bring a modern coach. But no, he brought Felipão back. For me, it was going backwards. Felipão, IMHO, is outdated… If we win in 2014, it’ll be on our pure talent and class, not because our tactics os game planning.

      As for the game, I think that Neymar cannot play as left winger. He must be a “false nine”: wandering through the penalty box, but not that classic centre-forward number nine. Oscar should play in center, not on the right. As for Ronaldinho… Well, it’s not the fact that he plays for the rival team, but I think he is not Seleção material anymore. Sorry. 🙁

      • Yeah, the timing was very stupid. And agree that Felipão was a step back and is no longer a very good coach. He does have the experience and charisma to handle the Brazilian media and public…. as long as results improve quickly….

        Well done on being one of the 30% 🙂

  2. I’m from Malaysia. I have been Brazil’s fan since 1982. Honestly, I was very disappointed with Brazil performance against England. The only players I think okay are Oscar, Dante and Filipe Luiz. The rest just mediocre. The worst are Ronaldinho and Luis Fabiano. It is obvious that their prime time is over.

    Everybody think that David Luiz is a great central defender. But I don’t think so. All he did last night was keep elbowing his opponents. Perhaps Gary Nevile was right he played like a player ‘controlled by a 10-year-old on a Playstation’

    Fred the best striker in Brazil League!? Are you joking me!? How pathetic is it huh!?

    I totally not impressed with Neymar since day one. I think he is fxxking overated. If I was Big Phil, I will leave him aside and look for better team player. Not a fancy joker with colorful hairstyle and like to do amazing stunt for attraction without produce any end result. Trust me I think the Selecao will be better off without him.

    There are many worthy players that we all think should be given chances to prove like Fernando Reges, Fernandinho, Diego or Willian. Some youngsters are doing pretty well lately like Marquinhos of Roma, Juan of Inter Milan or Rafael of Man United. And please not the mediocre players like Arouca.

    Time is running out for Big Phil. Till now Brazil still cannot beat any top ten team in Fifa ranking. Failure in Olympic. Disaster in Sub20 team in recent south america U20 championship. What else!?

    Finally, can we voice out our opinions direct to CBF and Big Phil? We just want to help and we want Brazil back to NO 1 team in the world. And the team that everybody respects.

    • Thanks for your comment. Its always good to hear from people who like Brazil and think they should be better than they currently are.

      You have some controversial views though. Firstly, this was Big Phil Scolari’s first match in charge. All of those other lousy performances like the Olympics final, defeat against Germany and no wins against big teams was Mano Menezes who has been sacked.

      Last night was not good from Brazil. But: 1/ England were good, 2/ like Phil pointed out after the match some of his players have just started their seasons – their domestic players like Neymar, Paulinho, Fred, Arouca, etc. I had forgotten that so perhaps that does explain why Neymar faded in the second half (playing against England at Wembley is a lot more difficult than playing in the Sao Paulo state Championships). Perhaps I was a little harsh on Arouca too.

      Juan and Marquinhos, yes interesting. Rafael no. Fernandinho was an invention by Menezes to help out his agent. No.

      Don’t agree with you about Ronaldinho at all. Fred is a great striker, just a little lazy sometimes. Not the quickest anymore but deadly finisher.

  3. There were a few things clear from England VS Brazil that
    1. most of the Brazilian player were not comfortable with the ball !! which is very surprising
    2. The brazilian players were not able to pass the ball precisely !
    3. There were no pressing from brazilian players
    4. Brazil mid-field look very average
    5. Two full-back Dani-Alves and Adriano, particularly Adriano do not look match fit.

    To me lack of these basics components are far more Concerning than losing the match.To say the least ,it is very evident that Brazil will not a team which can compete in the world stage with stronger team like of England, Germany, Argentina etc. To me I think it would a dream for Brazilian to have hope to play a bit better football before they can win somethings.

  4. Brazil a poor side had glimpses of magic slick passing but no final killer touch neymar missed a sitter barca better think twice about wanting to sign him best move of the game Fred s goal from a mistake clinical Finnish they are lucky they are hosts for the world cupso have time to get it together messi or neymar no contest rio 14 ???

    • That must go down as longest sentence without any punctuation marks! Well done. Appreciate the thoughts though…

  5. very sad to see that brasil does not have a striker at least half good as ronaldo. this is going to a problem for brasil.i feel leandro damiao should be given a run even if he doesnt score immediately because there is no one in the current brasil team who can be good in the air.hulk is also another choice in place of damiao. david luiz can play a defensive mid fielder role with brasil playing a diamond formation with neymar as false nine behind damiao. felipe luiz and alves can function in the wings.dante and thiago can be the half backs.ramires and anderson[ marcelo can also play here] of man utd can play both sides of midfield.iam a great admiror of anderson as he can attack with steel and this helps maintain possession.oscar is too slim and can loose possession if employed deep.therefore he can play behind damiao along with neymar .IAM A BIT WORRIED ABOUT THE DEAD BALL SITUATION AS THERE ARE NOT TOO MANY WHO CAN HIT THE TARGET CONSISTENTLY. VIVA BRASIL

    • Neymar wouldn’t be a false 9 if he was playing behind an actual 9 would he?

      Yes, as I put in my comments I believe Damiao is better than the likes of Luis Fabiano. He has been given plenty of games for Brazil and I’m sure he will get a lot more so wouldn’t worry too much about that.

      Why Felipe Luiz instead of Marcelo?

      And why Marcelo in midfield?

      Anderson – sorry I cannot agree with you. I used to rate Anderson and thought he should have been given more chances, BUT he kept on getting injured for Man Utd and now he has come back and looks fat and unfit and doesn’t get very many games. So, for me a definite NO

      • BRASIL-2014[4-4-1-1]



        DAVID LUIZ




  6. 1. most of the Brazilian player were not comfortable with the ball !! which is very surprising
    2. The brazilian players were not able to pass the ball precisely !

    Mansur, you are completely correct. This problem was seen since the last world cup. Spain now plays like Brasil USED to play.

    • Yip, after Barcelona thrashed Santos in the World Club Cup he paid tribute to Brazilian football by saying that their inspiration to play like that was the old Brazil teams.

  7. What do you guys thin about scolari’s latest selection to face Italy and Russia and what do you think the starting lineup should be???

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