Brazilian Cup

The Brazilian Cup (Copa do Brasil in Portuguese) is the main domestic Cup competition in Brazil.

When I initially wrote this in 2011, 64 teams classified for the competition each year and there were six knockout rounds including the final. Back then, the teams that were playing in the Copa Libertadores didn’t take part in the competition.

Now, however, the format has changed. This year, there were four rounds before the eight teams in the Copa Libertadores entered the draw at the fifth round. With 16 teams taking part in the fifth round, that round will be followed by a quarter final, semi final and final. Matches are played over two legs in each round – home and away.

Last time I checked, the winner of the Brazilian Cup qualified for the next year’s Copa Libertadores.

The top teams from each state qualify. The number of teams to qualify depends on the strength of the state championship (I don’t know how that is decided – but check the comments section of this link and my man Christiano’s comments). There are normally eight teams from São Paulo, four from Rio and Paraná and some of the smaller states only get to send one team. Remember there are a 27 states in this huge country.

For the latest results and fixtures, check out the dedicated Brazilian Cup page.

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