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I’ve recently come in for some stick from Corinthians fans who believe that I unfairly suggested Corinthians were being favoured my referees. Indeed, an anonymous blogger posted a Youtube link (see comment on 17 November) showing a number of refereeing decisions over the course of this year which clearly went against Corinthians. I have to admit that this information is new to me and is a reasonable counter argument to the general feeling that Corinthians are being favoured by refs. Anyhow, facts, opinions and video evidence are all welcome here and no comment or opinion shall be ignored.

The other tricky issue for my Corinthians followers is the fact that it is known to many that my brother-in-law is a devout Palmeiras fan. This matter is further complicated by the FACT (Can I say this, on a blog?) that Palmeiras threw in the towel against Fluminense so as to do their bit to ensure rivals Corinthians won’t be Champions. So I have decided to take the rare step of publicly declaring the neutrality of this blog and reiterate that no family allegiance shall get in the way of the independent journalism. I believe I have shown this somewhat with a deservedly harsh analysis of Palmeiras’ shortcomings in the Copa Sudamericana last week.

Moving away from blog politics but to actual football politics, the last few days in Brazilian football must go down as the most farcical of the year or all time, perhaps. The Palmeiras organized supporters group instructed their idols to lose at all costs against Fluminense, threatening serious consequences if they won. Big Phil joked about not knowing there was a game on Sunday and Palmeiras directors invited their Fluminense fans to come and watch the ”Championship decider” in comfort and ”eat pasta in our cantinas”. Nothing like a bit of provocation of the auld enemy to appease angry fans.

On the day, it all started to go horribly wrong for Palmeiras though as Dinei fired in a 30 yard stunner. The poor lad must have forgotten which side he was on. 1-0 to Palmeiras. Fluminense duly won the game 2-1 and spared Dinei’s blushes (and Palmeiras career) while Corinthians did their bit by winning 2-0 against Vasco.

Whoever said football was a gentleman’s game?

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