Beginning of Ronaldo’s TV career?

Ronaldo is a guest on local TV show CQC

Ronaldo to manage Neymar's career?

Ronaldo was the guest on local TV programme CQC on Monday night. He was kitted out in presenters’ uniform and spent the whole show sitting in the middle of the three presenters. He also brought a set of scales with him and weighed himself live on national TV with his weight coming out at 79kg.  It later turns out later that he tampered with the scales (duh!). So, some consolation to the one presenter who had bet that his weight would be somewhere in the region of 184 to 187 kilos! Ronaldo was a good sport and took it all in his stride. Nice chap, that Ronaldo.

Neymar was brought on the show via webcam from his hotel room in Chile ahead of Santos’ game with Colo Colo. He couldn’t hear any of the questions being asked to him but laughed away with his baseball cap on backwards and said he’d score some goals against Colo Colo, inspired by Ronaldo. He also said that he liked Ronaldo’s 2002 World Cup haircut and once sported one himself.

Now, whether or not Ronaldo moves into TV remains to be seen but what we do know is that he has a sports marketing agency (called 9ine) and is likely to help manage Neymar’s career. Seems like the perfect fit. Good luck to them both.

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