Transfer latest: Ganso and Seedorf to Corinthians?

Could be going to Corinthians (Getty Images)

Corinthians are stealing the show in the transfer market rumours space at the moment. Their ambitious (and annoying) president Andres Sanchez is up for re-election later this year and a few big name signings would do his hopes no harm at all. Of course, Adriano has been signed on a free transfer after having his contract ripped up by Roma.

But, the big news/rumour going round at the moment is that Corinthians are opportunistically trying to bring in Ganso from Santos before he goes to Europe. The release clause in Ganso’s contract is less for Brazilian teams (around 20 million pounds) than foreign teams (almost double that) which is why it could be a viable deal for Corinthians (a sort of player arbitrage). I highly doubt it will happen, though. For one, Ganso wants to play in Europe. What would be the point of going to a rival for just a few months (and being hated by Santos fans forever) before going to Europe? And two, now with one of Brazil’s most respected coaches taking over at Santos (Muricy Ramalho), Santos should start to solve some of their problems and we should see more structure and discipline in their play. That would help take some of the weight and stress of our friend Ganso’s young shoulders. Three – there is a gentleman’s agreement between the four big Sao Paulo based clubs not to sign each other’s star players. Hot air is what I think about this particular rumour.

Next on the Corinthians transfer speculations is Clarence Seedorf. The 34 year old Dutch master is apparently leaving Milan at the end of the season and Ronaldo (through his sports marketing agency, 9ine) has apparently set up a deal for him to come to Brazil. The player has a Brazilian wife, speaks Portuguese and has previously spoken about coming to play in Brazil one day. So, looks like it could happen.  But I have a question. Didn’t Seedorf get off with Ronaldo’s ex-Mrs when Ronaldo was at Inter? Either I am wrong or looks like all is done and forgotten then… isn’t that nice then…. One big happy orgy! I think this could happen and despite the age, Seedorf is quality (anybody watch the Milan derby?)! I’d love to see this signing happen.

Next up for Corinthians is the departure of Bruno Cesar, 22, who is moving to Benfica in Portugal for 5.3 million euros. The player fell out of favour earlier this season after a couple of below par performances after being one of the best players in the league last year. He was voted find-of-the-year nationally and scored something like 13 goals from midfield in the league. Big (although not insurmountable) loss for Corinthians.

And in our last piece of Corinthians news (not accusing me of being biased now are you Corinthians fans???), they are on the verge of signing 21 year old striker Gilberto from Santa Cruz. Gilberto is highly rated and it was his dribble and cross that set up the Santa Cruz goal against Sao Paulo. He’s also scored 11 goals in 11 games in the Pernambuco state Championship for Santa Cruz. The player will move to Corinthians in May. Interestingly, this player is owned by a bank (Banco of Minas Gerais). The bank will register the player in an insignificant team that nobody has ever heard of and loan him to Corinthians for the next three years. As a fee for putting him in the shop window so to speak, Corinthians will earn 20% on any future transfer fee. Told you these Brazilian football finance people are a creative bunch.

And finally, if anybody is still reading, striker Wellington Paulista looks like he is moving from Cruzeiro to Palmeiras. The player has fallen down the pecking order at Cruzeiro thanks to the emergence of young Wallyson. Wellington Paulista is just the sort of player (target man and goalscorer) that Palmeiras are looking for. It looks like a good deal for Palmeiras because the player formed a successful striker partnership with Palmeiras captain Kleber when the two played together at Cruzeiro. Palmeiras’ out-of-favour right back Vitor (voted best right back in Brazil two years ago and currently flogged to Sport on loan) may or may not be included as part of the deal.


7 thoughts on “Transfer latest: Ganso and Seedorf to Corinthians?

  1. Andres is not willing to re-elect. He gave a lot of interviews saying that he will not do it. He will probably support Mario Gobbi in the elections.

    About this 3 year loans and registering players in insignificant teams this is a common practice… I think Traffic (biggest Palmeiras partner) does the same. Also it’s a bizarre deal because there are some complications with his contracts… not sure if it’s 100% done deal.

    Bruno Cesar was just lame. If he stopped to go out every night probably he would still be owner of the Corinthians #10. Also this sounds for me like an obscure deal… I think they are still working to get Luisao for Campeonato brasileiro.

    About Ganso… people say that he speaks in daily basis with Leonardo… since he was injuried and Leonardo was in Milan… go figure!

  2. Great read mate and nice to see you comment on Corinthians! 😀

    Firstly, got to agree with you that Ganso will not join Corinthians as it would be a lot easier to just stay at Santos, play in the Libertadores and then leave in the summer rather than have the aggro from the Santos fans of moving across to Corinthians.

    On the Seedorf rumour, as you mention he has a Brazilian wife and has also stated he would like to play in Brazil but the thing is, i read an interview with him today or yesterday where he said he would be open to offers around Europe as well so it isnt definate that he will join Corinthians but hopefully with Ronaldo’s help he will be at Corinthians in the summer.

    Sad news that Bruno Cesar will be leaving though, i was really a fan of him for what he managed to do last season but he hasn’t played much so far this term. Good luck to him at Benfica.

  3. Cheers Denis and Scott,
    Anybody know where Seedorf’s wife is from? Which city in Brazil? I suppose that could have an influence over which team he goes to. It wouldnt surprise me to see Flamengo come in with an offer…. then again he may just stay in Europe.
    So Denis, Bruno Cesar was out livin’ it up every night then was he? You seem to have forgotten what he did for you guys last season though…. That’s the problem for Corinthians at the moment – no number 10 to open up defences.
    About Ganso, agree that Milan or Inter are favourites. I dont rate Leonardo as a coach – even before Inter were humiliated in the Milan derby and in the Champions League. I reckon he’ll get the sack. That’ll complicate Ganso’s life even more. I wonder why Barcelona or Real Madrid haven’t showed an interest?

    • Not sure where Seedorfs wife is from. All i know is they own an apartment in Rio so you may be right that Flamengo will make an offer Brian. He has also said that he is a fan of Flamengo so will have to wait and see what happens.

      About what Denis said, i didn’t know about Bruno Cesar’s off the field partying so i guess thats why he was hardly involved so far this season. I am still sad to see him go after the great season he had last year.

      Really hope Corinthians sign a top class midfielder in the summer to replace Bruno Cesar. A name being linked to them at some point was Alex from Spartak Moscow who is captain there and is also a very good player. He has previously said that he would be open to a return to Brazil but his transfer would only be likely to happen in the summer window.

      • Yeah, Alex is quality. Would probably cost a lot of money but im sure these brazilian football financing gurus can come up with something.

        • hello there,

          didn’t forgotten at all…. Bruno Cesar had a fantastic season but it happened several times…in Corinthians you go up very fast… and goes down even faster. What got me really pissed off was the whole lot of whiny interviews that he gave the press… and he was not able to back it up. Sometimes he was sounding like a big girlie.

          The Corinthians problem right now is the whole mid-field…. it’s just scary!

          Maybe after that Spartak fiasco Alex could be closer to Parque Sao Jorge…

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