Valdí­via – Busted!

"Come on. Just delete those photos...." (Getty Images)

Palmeiras and Chile playmaker Valdí­via is in big trouble. Not with fans or his club or anything like that. Oh, no. It’s a lot worse. Compromising photos have been published of him kissing a nice-looking girl in a São Paulo nightclub. His Chilean wife and mother of his two children (who is a model) is apparently not too happy with the photos and according to a Chilean tabloid, their divorce is now under way.

In fact, things are a whole lot more messy and complicated than just that because the photographer has filed a complaint with police claiming that the player threatened his kids.

At the time of the photo in February, Valdí­via furiously demanded that the photographer delete the photo. He didn’t and apparently sent Valdí­via a text message asking how much his marriage was worth.The photographer, told police that it was agreed that Valdí­via would pay him 20,000 reais (about 7,000 pounds) to delete the photos. Valdí­via only gave him 1,500. When the photographer didn’t accept this payment, Valdí­via apparently said: ”I know where your children study. I wouldn’t hurt them but I
know people who would”.

Valdí­via’s side of the story is somewhat different: ”When he took the photos, I went to talk to him. I wasn’t drunk. If I was, I wouldn’t have spoken to him. I told him I was going through a bad phase in my life and didn’t want him to publish the photos. I asked him if he wanted to sell me the photos and for what price and he didn’t say anything. The next day he asked me for 20,000 reais. I never offered him for that much money. I gave him much less than that. He is lying in his police declaration. I never offered him 20,000
and I have proof of that. In time that will be proved.”

In the photographers version of events, the player apparently said that not only would publishing the photos get him into trouble with the missus but with the club and coach too. He said that Palmeiras coach Big Phil Scolari didn’t like him and had it in for him and he would be in big shit if the club found out he was out (drunk and cheating on his wife too).

On that front, things seem be okay now though. Valdí­via has been given the captain’s armband at Palmeiras and while making his sorry declaration to the media, the legal and PR teams at Palmeiras were in full support of the player.

So, where are these compromising pictures? Well, I certainly couldn’t afford to buy them so have a look here. I love the hand to the face in the last one. haha.

A true case of extortion and dirty bastard if ever I saw one.

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3 thoughts on “Valdí­via – Busted!

  1. I suppose dirty bastard is a bit harsh just on those photos. Normal, stupid footballer is probably more appropriate.

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