Brazil Olympic Games squad

The likes of Oscar will be making their way to London (Mowa Press)

Mano Menezes has announced a provisional list of 52 players for the Olympic Games in London later this year. Full list below. Also in the piece, the latest news including one of the funniest things I’ve seen for a while: a player celebrating a goal scored by the opposition.

Players age at start of this year in third column


Júlio César Internazionale-ITA 32
Jefferson Botafogo 28
Diego Alves Valencia-SPA 26
Neto Fiorentina-ITA 22
Rafael Cabral Santos 21
Renan Ribeiro Atlético-MG 21
Gabriel Cruzeiro 19

Full backs

Daniel Alves Barcelona-SPA 28
Danilo Porto-POR 20
Fágner (Conserva) Vasco 22
Galhardo Flamengo 20
Marcelo Real Madrid-SPA 23
Rafael Manchester United-ENG 21
Adriano Barcelona-SPA 27
Gabriel Silva Novara-ITA 20
Alex Sandro Porto-POR 20

Centre Backs

Thiago Silva Milan-ITA 27
David Luiz Chelsea-ENG 24
Luisão Benfica-POR 30
Dedé Vasco 23
Juan Internazionale-ITA 20
Bruno Uvini Tottenham-ENG 20
Lucas Mendes Coritiba 21
Marquinhos Corinthians
Romário Internacional 19

Defensive midfielders

Sandro Tottenham-ENG 22
Casemiro São Paulo 19
Rí´mulo Vasco 21
Allan Vasco 20
Elias Sporting Lisboa-POR 26
Fernandinho Shakhtar Donetsk-UKR 26
Fernando Grêmio 19

Attacking midfielders

Hernanes Lazio-ITA 26
Douglas Costa Shakhtar Donetsk-UKR 21
Elkeson Botafogo 22
Ganso Santos 22
Giuliano Dnipro-UKR 21
Bernard Atlético-MG 19
Dudu Rodrigues Dinamo Kiev-UKR 19
Lucas São Paulo 19
Oscar Internacional 20
Philippe Coutinho Espanyol-SPA 19


Alexandre Pato Milan-ITA 22
Ronaldinho Gaúcho Flamengo 31
Neymar Santos 19
Leandro Damião Internacional 22
Wellington Nem Fluminense 19
Hulk Porto-POR 25
Jonas Valencia-SPA 27
William José São Paulo 20
André Atlético-MG 21
Henrique Granada-SPA 20


This mammoth list will ultimately be cut in two more stages until a final squad of 18 is announced on the 6th of July. Of this 18, only three players born before the 1st of Jan 1989 (or older than 22 at the start of this year) are allowed . In this list of 52, 16 are older than this which means that only three out of Julio César, Jefferson, Diego Alves, Dani Alvez, Adriano, Thiago Silva, David Luiz, Dedé, Fernandinho, Hernanes, Elias, Ronaldinho, Jonas, Hulk, Luisão and Marcelo will be going to the games. Kaká, Robinho and Ramires were not called up and definitely won’t be going.Of these overage players, who would you take?

Most members of Brazil’s 2011 u20 World Cup winning team are there while there is also some space for newcomers like Wellington Nem. Some lad called Marquinhos (who I’ve never heard of) from Corinthians has been called up. Anybody heard of him? So, thoughts on the squad? Is there anybody missing? Leandro from Grêmio, perhaps? Fabio (Man Utd)? Share your thoughts and leave a comment.


CBF president Ricardo Teixeira resigned after 100000 years in charge of Brazilian football’s governing body. Good riddance!

José Maria Marin – a man recently accused stealing a medal – has been named as his replacement until 2015. Ronaldo has said he would be interested in the job once Marin’s term is up in 2015.

Ronaldo has said Neymar needs to play in Europe to keep improving as a player.

Muricy Ramalho said he doesn’t (well, he would do wouldn’t he).

The Brazilian media, public and politicians were outraged when a Fifa boss called for them to be kicked up the bum and get on with building WC stadiums instead of worrying about winning the World Cup. Apparently his comments were lost in translation and verbally kicking people up the bum in France is perfectly acceptable.


São Paulo beat a full strength Santos team 3-2 with Lucas in inspired form

Botafogo beat Vasco 3-1 in the classico in Rio. Some bloke called Fellype Gabriel scored a hatrick. Anybody know anything about him?

Flamengo drew 3-3 with Olimpia in the Libertadores last week. Internacional beat the Strongest 5-0 in the same competition (hat-trick for Spurs target Leandro Damião).

Check out the state champs goals of the week.

Cheering on the opposition

Last but definitely not least…. a player from a club called Comerical (a small club in the São Paulo state) was caught on camera cheering an opposition goal (Corinthians). Have a look for yourself in the video below. Look out for the number 9 in white.


Even funnier is the player’s justification: ”I was cheering because the keeper dived the right way”.

HAHAHAHAHA!!! Gets funnier every time I think about it….

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16 thoughts on “Brazil Olympic Games squad

  1. Very interesting good squad but will have to much pressure on them beiing host country from fans and the hostile Brazilian press . Also is is correct barca have made a 11.5i million down payment for messi no 2 Neymar

  2. Ricardo Teixeira was probably blackmailed out of CBF. I bet an arm that his substitute will soon be someone linked to the ruling party (PT). Probably Andres Sanches, former Corinthians president. Let´s see…

    • I really hope its not Andres Sanches – I really don’t like that guy! Don’t trust him one bit. Sadly, I’m not too optimistic about the replacement being anyone better than him though…. too many leaches in Brazilian politics and football, sadly.

  3. The press here in Brasil says that Thiago Silva is one of the three players older than 23 that will make the cut. The other two are open to speculation. Also, it is being said that the foward line in the 4-2-1-3 (4-2-3-1 in defensive stage) would be something like of Ganso; Neymar, Damião and Lucas. Maybe supported by Casemiro and Sandro. Oscar would be on bench, but with great chance of starting in some games. That’s quite a team…

    Marin is not accused of stealing a medal — he actually did it. There is a video of it.

    Also, Jerome Valcke was not lost in translation. His interview was in English, and he actually said that. It was wrong, he apologized, but to no avail: Sports Minister Aldo Rebelo wanted him out of the conversations between Brasil and FIFA. Sepp Blatter said no yesterday.

    And don’t forget Cruzeiro smashed Caldense 5-0 on Sunday too! 🙂

    • hahahahaha, so he actually did it! Oh dear…. What a shame that out goes one arsehole and in comes another. Brazilian football and the Brazilian public deserve better….

      About the Jerome Valcke thing, I never realised it was in English. He should have known better but it all seems like a bit of an over-exaggeration to me. I don’t know all the facts but if its true (that a lot of the work is seriously behind schedule) then that is the main talking point and not that Valcke said this or that. Seems like the sports minister is making a big deal out of it to deflect attention away from his own shortcomings.

      Good win for Cruzeiro! 😉 Look forward to seeing how they do in the Brazilian Cup and Serie A this year!

      • There you have it:

        We sure deserve better. 😛

        About Valcke, I feel that he said it the wrong way. Even if we really are behind schedule (which I think we’re not), there are more “elegant” ways to say it. As we say here, “one mistake does not justify another”.

        Ronaldinho? Hm… I think not… He’s (unfortunately) not olympic material (nor World Cup material, for that matter). I think his days at Seleção are over. I would be intrigued if he goes to London.

        • haha, thanks for that Christiano – that video is hilarious!!!

          Just like this guy, the president of the Czech republic who stole a pen.

          Agree that Valcke is an ass.

    • Oh, I agree 100% that Thiago Silva should be one of the over age players to go. I’m guessing another one should be a goalkeeper. I’m not a big fan of Julio César anymore. Maybe Jefferson – you heard it here first!

      I’d say the third one would be Ronaldinho or Dedé.

  4. ……………………….Neto………………
    danilo……..thiago silva……….Dede……….marcelo…
    ……….. casemiro………..oscar…………………
    ………………………….douglas costa………………….
    …..lucas moura……………………………….neymar…..

    coming of the bench gabriel, alex sandro, juan, pato, guiliano, ganso, hulk coming off the bench… also this same team for the world cup adding a few more players

    • Douglas Costa instead of Ganso? Oscar too deep, Sandro would be a better option there. Otherwise agree with the team.

      Will Danilo be fit? Would love to see Arouca given a chance…

      • i dont like ganso i think he is a little overrated and is benefiting from being on the same club as neymar.. i like douglas costa a lot better, actually i like a lot of players better than ganso for the selecao but because of the hype he has gotten he will be on the starting 11

  5. I think out of the 3 players aged over 22 yrs, Hulk,David Luiz and
    Thiago Silva should get the nod over the rest. All of the 3 has shown
    good form and has been instrumental in their respective teams so far
    this season. They have what it takes to guide the younger guys in the
    squad with lots of experience so far for clubs that also featured in
    europes elite competition. What do you think of my selection? And also
    what do you think of fabio of man united? I think he’s a top player
    but very unfortunate with the amount of injuries he’s prone to. I
    think the twins would make a great right wing and left wing
    combination for club and country as well, they have pace, skill and
    determination with both very good crossers of the ball, with be
    interesting to see. Thanks. What are your views
    on this?

    • Thanks Deon. Looks like Hulk and Thiago Silva are going. I guess the third over age player will be Marcelo. I’ll confirm that when it is announced. I wouldn’t take David Luiz, I just don’t think he is a good defender. Thiago Silva certainly will be a good influence and help the younger players. He formed a decent partnership with Juan in the friendlies and he was badly missed against Argentina when Bruno Uvini played.

      I don’t think Fabio or Rafael will be called up. Danilo will probably start and right back and Marcelo be the left back. Alex Sandro, Porto’s young left back is DODGY. I don’t rate the twins! Danilo is good – watch out for him!

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