Pep Guardiola for the seleção?

Pep for Brazil? (Getty)

It’s just a thought. And it will never happen. But you heard it here first, just in case.

But, why shouldn’t that happen? Brazil want to play like Barcelona. Barcelona based their game on the old Brazilian style of playing. Pep is out of a job and Mano is doing a crap job. There aren’t many good Brazilian coaches out there. Who are the options? Muricy? After the hiding he took against Pep last year? Luxemburgo? Walking PR disaster and negativity personified. Big Phil Scolari? Not the same coach he used to be at Palmeiras and sure wouldn’t be the same coach he used to be for the seleção.

Pep Guardiola to Brazil makes sense to me. On the coaching front at least. But of course, could he or would he really want to deal with the CBF, fickle and demanding Brazilian media? What about the fans? I do not think they would warm to a foreigner at all. The struggle to warm to most Brazilian coaches.

But why wouldn’t Brazil consider a foreign coach? It’s not a South American thing. Chile have Marcelo Bielsa, an Argentine. England have had their share of foreign coaches. Japan, Russia, Turkey. Is Brazil too good to have a foreign coach? Is Brazil to proud to have a foreign coach?


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19 thoughts on “Pep Guardiola for the seleção?

  1. That would be very interesting. I think all brazilians loved the Guardiola’s Barça style of playing. It even bypassed a historical rivalry against Argentinians as Messi became an idol in Brazil.

    Nice insight, would be a great challenge given much less training time and other hurdles. Specially, how to overcome the CBF’s political way of managing sport so to be able to implement the best soccer style and culture ever in a national selection?

  2. It would be too much pressure for Pep, he couldnt even handle the relatively mild environment in Barcelona!

  3. jogo bonito and tiki taka is not the same thing.. well that’s what a brasilian friend told me when i suggested the same thing…

    • Your probably right but Pep Guardiola praised Brazil after Barcelona won the World Club Cup – he said they try to play good football like the old Brazilian teams.

  4. i also think brasil should win it with a local or at least a south american coach… they are too good to get a foreigner plus i would hate the europeans to have more bullets in their arsenal.. they already think that everything in europe is better, clubs, training facilities, coaches, players, teams… i hope a south american team wins it with a local coach.. i also hope santos wins libertadores cause they will have a better chance at beating bayern in december

    • Ha, thanks for that Chino. So, I take it your not a Chelsea fan since you already have Bayern down as European Champions? 😉

      Would be nice to see how Santos do if they win the Libertadores again this year. I think they might just do that.

      Where did all this European v South American rivalry come from?

      Atletico won the Europa League last night with an Argentine coach and a Colombian forward the stars of the show.

      South American football is great, sadly just not very well organized thats why the best South American coaches and players go and work in Europe. If the best European players and coaches went to South America that would be a good thing for South American football.

      • there is a forum i go to talk football and other topics is called eastsideboxing and that’s where i got the rivarly over there they act like everything in south america sucks that they dont know how to play and everything in europe is great… they dont give neymar any credit always saying that unless he plays in europe he sucks, same goes for other players they even say that the scottish league is a lot better than the brasilerao, just because wilshire plays with arsenal that he is more proven and a better player than neymar, ganso and lucas moura.. from there is where i got that hate for europe football arrogance…. im glad neymar, ganso, lucas, damiao and others are staying in brasil is about time we stop producing players for european clubs and let them produce their own if they can

        • Well, those guys sound like a bunch of idiots to be fair. I wouldn’t give them much credibility. I don’t see things like that and I don’t think most people see things like that either. It’s not a competition. If you want a competition for that then you’ve got the World Cup or World Club Cup.

      • we dont need the best european coaches or players what south america needs to do is to start keeping our own best players and the leagues and clubs would become the bests in the world without no europe influence

  5. Although I, as a Brazilian, would like it VERY much, it is indeed unlikely, for all the reasons that you already said here. It’s different to work in a daily basis on a club, and in a national team, that only gets together a few times every two months. There are cultural questions also, what Brazilians like to do and see in football. For instance, see what happened in that celebration Dani Alves and Thiago were doing after a goal in these past days, only to get interrupted abruptly by Puyol. After the game, Pep apologized for the celebration. This is a difference in style: Brazil like to celebrate. It’s not mockery. But Pep does not. At least in this episode.

    • Interesting point about the goal celebrations too. Yes, the culture is very different – that would probably be the biggest thing.

      I remember watching a video of Scolari when he was coaching Palmeiras and before every game all the players got together and said a prayer before the game. Scolari lead the prayer and it was a huge part of motivating the players and the team talk. That would never happen in Europe – at least I’ve never seen anything like that.

    • Saying all that though, good coaches need to adapt. Good players need to adapt. It works both ways – Brazilians need to adapt when they go to Europe. If Europeans were to go to Brazil to play or to coach, they would need to adapt to the Brazilian way.

  6. I should of course say that Chile HAD Marcelo Bielsa. Obviously he’s with Bilbao now…

  7. It’s great idea, most big names coaches in europe would do better than menezez. I mean how can you win the world if you lose against all majors teams in the world, France, Argentina, Germany. I admit Menezez is one of the worst brazilian coaches I have ever seen and I think Brazil would not be able to win the world cup with him in charge. But at the same time let’s not forget Pep Guardiola has never coach any major team beside Barcelona which he knows better than the palm of his hand. So we don’t know how consistent he really is. Brazil has only themselves to blame, they should have carefully prepared for this occasion. Texeira should have done everything to bring in people like Filipe scolari, Jose Maurinho, Leonardo, Raphael Benitez, Luis Van Gaal, Frank Rishkaard and so many others. But to hire somebody like menezez who doesn’t have any international experience just strikes me as the dumbest decision you could make while preparing to host the world cup.

  8. Brazil needs Dunga back or Mourinho. For all the crap that was thrown at Dunga he had an impressive record winning the Copa America, Confederations cup and losing one half against 2nd place Holland. Mourinho has shown he can win everywhere he goes. Pep inherited Barça and maintained it

    • Dunga, wow. Haven’t heard anybody calling for him for a while. I really didn’t like him when he was coaching the seleção – he was too aggressive and the players were focusing on fighting rather than playing good football. Thats not the Brazilian way… BUT, he did quite a good job and the team was playing a lot better than it is now to be honest!!

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