My trip to Santos

Neymar keeps an eye on things at the museum

I went to Santos for a day to see my friend Ricardo. I also took a trip down to the Santos stadium and museum at the ground. Alex would have got me into a training session but there was none since Santos were in action the next day. Too bad. Maybe next time though… at least I got into the ground.

I’ve been to Santos before and seen Neymar and Ganso in action – in case you haven’t seen this old, classic post of mine, check it out.

Also check out the pictures I took from this trip here. Look out for comments on each picture – that tells the story.

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2 thoughts on “My trip to Santos

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  2. Hopefully Carlos Vela and Giovani Dos Santos get to play… but i doubt it. Anybody heard if Sven is going? Cause i heard somewhere that Sven was making the trip to London to watch the game


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