Brazil players arrive in Paris ahead of Japan friendly

WOW (Pic: Mowa Press)

Brazil’s footballers have arrived in Paris ahead of their friendly match against Japan this Friday. Brazilfooty takes a look at this fashion show.

Danilo: looking good (Pic: Mowa Press)

Fernandinho: decent, not sure about the jacket though (Mowa Press)

Ederson: what is that thing on your sleeve? And the jeans… (Mowa Press)

Philippe Coutinho: still wants to leave Liverpool (Pic: Mowa Press)

Firmino and Jesus: solid, lads (Pic: Mowa Press)

Douglas Costa: surfer dude (Pic: Mowa Press)

Giuliano: turning up for a dinner party (pic: Mowa Press)

Jemerson: Michael Jackson would be proud (Pic: Mowa Press)

Marquinhos: you’re in Paris. In November. Not Copacabana beach (Pic: Mowa Press)

Thiago Silva: not convinced by the chain (Pic: Mowa Press)

Miranda: the don. Now that’s how I like my defenders to dress (Pic: Mowa Press)

Willian: 7 out of 10 (Pic: Mowa Press)

Paulinho: worthy of FC Barcelona? (Pic: Mowa Press)

Neymar: amazing player… (Pic: Mowa Press)

Marcelo: defending could be improved (pic: Mowa Press)

Alisson: nice headphones (Pic: Mowa Press)

Dani Alves: And the Oscar goes to… (Pic: Mowa Press)

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