Soccermanager scout: 40 players to sign in Brazil

Luan: get him signed up (Photo: Mowapress)

Are you a fan of the online football management game Soccermanager? If so, read on to find out the names of 40 players in Brazil that you need to sign.

The list contains a mixture of prospects, players set for a big rating increase and a few of the best players currently playing in Brazil. The last ratings review in Brazil was in April, so the next one can’t be far away now. So search for these fellas in your gameworlds and try and sign them while you still can.

To give you a benchmark, the best players in Brazil are rated 88 or 89, while an average player, playing in an average top flight team, would probably be rated around 83, I guess. Some of the players on the list will go on to play in the top European teams one day so the sky is the limit – you could be looking at the next Neymar. Others are simply on this list because they have a low rating now, which is set to increase soon. Do with this information as you choose.

Vinicius Júnior. AM. Flamengo. Age 17. Rated 70

This kid is going to Real Madrid in real life. Nuff said really. Although if you must know, he has played 25 times for Flamengo in the league this year, with 21 of those appearances coming from the bench. Has scored three league goals. Rating set to rise, but one for the future too.

Lincoln. AM. Flamengo. Age 16. Rated 70

The next big thing off the Flamengo production line after Vinicius Junior. The usual chatter about a possible move to the likes of Barcelona and Real Madrid has already started. Starred for Brazil at the u17 World Cup. Very big lad for a 16-year old.

Rodrygo. AM/F. Age 16. Rated 70

Another one of these Brazilian kids that can play anywhere up front. And he comes from the famous Santos academy that has produced the likes of Pele, Robinho and Neymar. Liverpool made an offer for this guy earlier this year, but he stayed with Santos. Made his league debut for Santos this season.

Paulinho. AM/F. Vasco. Age 17. Rated 75

This kid is only 17 years old and made 18 league appearances for a decent Vasco side this year, scoring three goals. Prospect.

Arthur. CM. Gremio. Age 21. Rated 75

The previous four players on this list are prospects, Arthur is one for the present. Get him signed up now cos this guy is going places. Barcelona, most probably. He is only rated 75 but this was his breakthrough season and his rating is set to jump at the next review. He started 27 league games and was also key in Gremio’s run to the Libertadores final. His form was so good that he received a call up to the seleção. What more to like?

Wendel. CM. Fluminense. Age 20. Rated 78

Another quality young player that made a breakthrough this year. He was voted best breakthrough player in the Rio State Championship. His good form for Fluminense looks to have earned him a move to PSG to €10 million. I’m not sure many people realise this so he could still be available in your gameworld, who knows? He is a box to box midfielder and scored five league goals so far this season. He started most matches, but lost his place in the Fluminense midfield towards the end of the season. Perhaps his motivation slipped a little bit once he secured a move to Europe?

Luan. AM. Gremio. Age 24. Rating 89

The best player currently playing his football in Brazil, or in South America for that matter. He led Gremio to the Copa Libertadores and scored a brilliant goal in the final. That performance could potentially have earned him a move to Real Madrid. He is no longer a prospect. He is the real deal. He starred for Brazil at the Olympic Games, where he won gold.

Yerry Mina. CB. Palmeiras. Age 23. Rating 88

Costs a fair bit given his age and his rating, but is worth every penny. This guy is a monster. He has already played nine matches for the Colombian national team, aged just 23, and it is one of the worst kept secrets that Barcelona are interested in signing him.

Moura Vitinho. AM. Corinthians. Age 17. Rated 75

He hasn’t played for Corinthians yet, but he’s wanted by Manchester City. Snap him up.

Souza Alan. AM. Palmeiras

Like Vitinho, he hasn’t played any senior league games, although apparently he is going to sign for Real Madrid. Buy.

Maycon. CM. Corinthians. Age 20. Rated 82

Who said Brazil didn’t have good midfielders? This guy started 34 league matches for Corinthians this year as they won the league. Like Wendel, he also lost his place towards the end of the season, although unlike Wendel he doesn’t seem to have secured a move to Europe just yet. I’m sure that will come though sooner or later, but having played so many games for the league winners this year, his rating is at least set to rise.

Juninho Capixaba. LB. Bahia. Age 20. Rated 73

Corinthians have just sold their star young left back Guilherme Arana to Sevilla and are looking for replacements. Juninho Capixaba is one of them. If he is half as good as Arana he will be worth signing. Even if he isn’t, his rating will go up soon. Started 16 league matches for Serie A side Bahia.

Everton. AM/F. Gremio. Age 21. Rated 84

This guy has been around for a while and his rating will probably only go up by a point or two at the next review, but whenever I have seen him play, I’ve been impressed. He made 32 league appearances this year, with 18 of them coming from the subs bench. Scored 8 goals though.

Purificação Caí­que. GK. Vitória. Age 20. Rated 78

This lad stands 1.98m tall. He is only 20 years old and made his league debut for Vitória this season. He made an absolute howler in one of his first matches and was dropped. He has been in and out of the team since then, but he is a youth international and, it seem, that he has a big future.

Jean Filho. GK. Bahia. Age 22. Rating 76

Another keeper playing for one of Brazil’s northern clubs. This lad started all of Bahia’s 38 games matches this year. One reason his rating is so low is that Bahia were in the second division last year so he missed the most recent Serie A ratings review. Bahia finished mid table in the Serie A this year so expect a big jump at the next review. It looks like he is going to sign for Sao Paulo. His idol is Rogerio Ceni and like Ceni, he also takes the odd free kick.

Murilo. CB. Cruzeiro. Age 20. Rated 73

I haven’t seen this guy play, but you don’t start 22 league games for Cruzeiro if you are a mug. Looks uncompromising judging by his avatar on Soccermanager.

Mateus Vital. AM. Vasco. Age 19. Rating 77

Started 26 league games for Vasco this year: rating set to rise and hot prospect too.

Matheus Fernandes. DM. Botafogo. Age 19. Rated 76

20 league starts for Botafogo, aged 19. Must be good.

Léo Santos. CB. Corinthians. Age 19. Rating 77

Only two league appearances for Corinthians, but he is still very young. Marquinhos had only started six league games before he moved to Roma. And that seems to be working out well. Léo Santos is a Brazilian youth international so he is worth a punt in my view.

Pedrinho. F. Corinthians. Age 19. Rating 75

Made eleven substitue appearances for Corinthians in the league this season, although he didn’t score a goal.

Arthur Gomes. F. Santos. Age 19. Rating 73

Made eleven league appearances for Santos, scoring two goals. Another prospect and is likely to have a decent rating increase.

Lucas Mineiro. DM. Chapecoense. Age 21. Rating 73

Played 19 league games this year so set for a solid rating increase.

Fabrí­cio Bruno. CB. Cruzeiro. Age 21. Rating 73

Like Lucas Mineiro he was an important player for Chapecoense in the league this year. He will return to Cruzeiro and its not clear whether he will start for them, but his 25 league games for Chapecoense this year will be enough to see his rating rise.

Juninho. F. Sport. Age 18. Rating 70

Played 12 league games for Sport, who avoided relegation on the last day of the season, aged 18. He must be good and be set for a solid rating increase.

Ribamar. F. Atlético-PR. Age 20. Rating 77

Has broken into a struggling Atlético-PR team and has scored five league goals in 16 league starts. Has taken the place of Eduardo Silva in the Atlético-PR team, although I think that’s because the former Arsenal striker is injured.

Lucas Paquetá. AM. Flamengo. Age 20. Rating 77

This guy is a prospect although he has recently broken into the Flamengo first team and is keeping some good players out of the team. 17 league appearances so set for a rating increase.

Felipe Vizeu. CF. Flamengo. Age 20. Rating 83

Expect a only a small ratings increase at the next review. But he is a prospect and with Paulo Geurrero suspended for one year, he will get more opportunities. Has only scored two goals in 18 league appearances but one of those was a belter. Talented.

Lucas Fernandes. AM. São Paulo. Age 20. Rating 78

He has played 19 league games in a struggling São Paulo team this year. Impressive for a young lad. Rating set to rise.

Lucas Verí­ssimo. CB. Santos. Age 22. Rated 77

Plays nearly every game for Santos now, the team that finished third in the league. Only broke into the team earlier this year. Rating set to rise to mid 80s.

Jandrei. GK. Chapecoense. Age 24. Rating 76

Played every single league match for Chapecoense this year, in his breakthrough season. He is too old to be a prospect, but he will get a solid rating increase next time round.

Igor Rabello. CB. Botafogo. Age 22. Rating 76

Like Jandrei, he probably won’t be getting a seleção call anytime soon, but he will get a tidy rating increase given that he made 31 league starts this year.

Luiz Fernando. CM. Atlético-GO. Age 21. Rating 78

He played 33 league matches for a poor Atlético-GO team, which were relegated this year. But he did score nine goals and given that kind of return, from midfield, for such a poor team, I think this kid must be worth a punt.

Matheus Rosetto. CM. Atlético-PR. Age 21. Rating 78

He was a fixture in the Atlético-PR midfield this year, making 31 league appearances. Set for a solid rate increase.

Júnior Tavares. LB. São Paulo. Age 21. Rating 78

There was some talk of Júnior Tavares signing for Ajax earlier this year, but he was priced out of a move by São Paulo, who later dropped him. Still, he showed good form earlier on in the season and he made 19 league starts for São Paulo. Rating set to rise above 80.

Pedro Henrique. CB. Corinthians. Age 22. Rating 78

Pedro Henrique was not a first choice centre back for Corinthians, but he played an important part in their title success, starting 19 of their 38 league matches. Now that Pablo has left, he is likely to become first choice. He is still young and set for a decent rating increase given Corinthians’ successful season.

Jô´. CF. Corinthians. Age 30. Rating 87

He ain’t a spring chicken anymore, but he scored 18 league goals, helping Corinthians to the title and was the joint top scorer in the Serie A. His good form may well have earned him a move to Europe, where the likes of Napoli and Bayern Leverkusen are rumoured to be interested. Rating will rise to 88 or 89 if he stays in Brazil. Could even go higher if he moves to Europe and finds his form there.

Rodrigo Caio. CB. São Paulo. Age 24. Rating 88

I’m not his biggest fan. He is not the tallest. He is not the quickest. And he isn’t the best ball playing defender either. So what is he? Ask Brazil coach Tite, who has selected him for national team duty several times, ahead of the likes of David Luiz. He has recently lost his place in the squad recently though given Sao Paulo’s poor form. He is a good player, but not a great player. Still, he could yet move to Europe and his current Soccermanager rating of 88 makes him a useful squad player for even the best teams.

Lucas Lima. AM. Palmeiras. Age 27. Rating 89

One of the best players playing in Brazil. He recently moved to Palmeiras from Santos on a free transfer. There was some talk of a move to Europe earlier this year, to Barcelona no less. But that never materialised. It looks like he is set to spend the peak years of his career in Brazil, meaning that his Soccermanager rating probably won’t go higher than 90, at best. Nonetheless, he is a quality player in real life – you don’t play 14 times for the seleção if you are a mug. Had a disappointing year, but still led Santos to third place in the league.

Léo. LB. Fluminense. Age 21. Rating 70

Great bargain. Made 19 league starts this year. Rating set to jump.

Marlon Freitas. DM. Fluminense. Age 22. Rating 70

Another great bargain, like Léo, having played 16 matches in the Serie A. At 22 years of age though you won’t be able to stick him into your reserve team and forget about him.

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