Could ankle injury rule Neymar out of World Cup?

Neymar suffered a serious looking injury last night – will he be fit to lead Brazil? (Mowa Press)

Neymar was taken off the field in last night’s match between PSG and Marseille on a stretcher, and in tears, clutching his ankle. Scans later revealed that he had not broken any bones, but they couldn’t confirm whether he has damaged any ligaments.

It’s never good to see any player leave the field on a stretcher in tears. And when that player happens to be one of the best in the world, with the hopes of club and country resting on his shoulders, the football world holds its breath.

It has been confirmed that Neymar has not broken any bones, which is good news, but I don’t think that anyone actually thought that he had broken his ankle. Testing for a broken ankle was a bit moot really, although it had to be done I suppose. What they really need to check is whether he has damaged any ligaments. Ligament damage could keep him out for months. He will go for another scan today, but it may not be until tomorrow or Wednesday, once the swelling in his ankle goes down, until they can know for sure.

In the best case, this is just a swollen ankle and Neymar will be fit to play for PSG in their Champions League second leg against Real Madrid next week (6th of March). Coach Unai Emery says that he hopes Neymar will be fit for that match, although he could not be sure.

Meanwhile, Thiago Silva was didn’t sound too optimistic either and said: ‘We lost a very important player before the end in Neymar and his ankle had already started to swell. I’m not a doctor but I don’t think he’ll be ready for Wednesday (French Cup quarter-final).’

It would be a massive blow for PSG to lose Neymar for their quarter final against Marseille. Lets face it though, they will probably win that match without him. But they really need him for their Champions League second leg against Real Madrid. And it would be an even bigger blow for Brazil if they were to lose their star man for the World Cup. I think most football fans will join me in hoping that this is not a serious injury and hoping that we see Neymar back on the field soon. Tite, meanwhile, will name his squad for the upcoming friendlies against Russia and Germany this Friday.

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