2018 Brasileirão predictions – how did I do?

Should’ve gone all in

It’s a hard job predicting what will happen in Brazilian football. How did I do in 2018?

On the whole, very good. In the 2018 season preview in April, I said that Palmeiras would be Champions, and they were. And I correctly predicted the four relegated teams from the Série A. I also suggested that the bookies were overestimating the odds of a Brazilian club winning the Cop Libertadores, which was won by Argentinian side River Plate.

The big miss was Corinthians, who I thought would finish second (after winning the league last year). They finished 13th instead. To be fair, nobody saw that coming or knew that Fabio Carille would leave in the middle of the season. Or that the club would fail to buy a replacement for Jí´. Most of the other picks were quite good, and they helped me into third spot, out of 49, in a predictions game I play with Brazilian friends. Happy days.

Outturn versus what I said in April:

[table id=2018_T_predictions /]

Final league table:

[table id=Brasileirao_T_2018 /]

What next? Betting tips? Professional scout? Giving it large down the pub? Yes, to at least one of the above.

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