Brasileirão preview/update

Can Jorge Sampaoli guide Galo to the title? (pic: Getty)

Most season previews get published before the season begins. But a combination of lockdown fatigue, work and a football crazy calendar meant this one got published eight games in. Better late than never. Continue reading

Brasileirão updates coming soon

Sao Paulo celebrate after hearing the good news from Brazilfooty (Pic: Getty Images)

The Brazilian Serie A is back and the helter skelter schedule of games is about to kick into overdrive with intercontinental competitions back under way soon too. Brazilfooty is on top of the action, the databases have been updated and commentary/analysis of the best bits is set to resume soon. Stay tuned.

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A closer look at Brazil’s managerial merry-go-round

Everybody would like it to work out for Fernando Diniz at São Paulo, but…

Good things come to wait is generally not a proverb practised by owners of Brazilian football clubs. Continue reading