Adriano to sign for Corinthians?

Do I really need to do this push-up? (Maurí­cio Val/VIPCOMM)

Local press reports say that Adriano will sign for Corinthians later this week. The player had his contract with Roma terminated earlier this month after indiscipline and general poor performances for the club. The player would prefer a move to homeclub Flamengo but coach Vanderlei Luxemburgo doesn’t want him (I can see why!). With no offer from Flamengo forthcoming, it is looking like Corinthians will be his destination. After all, Corinthians are looking for another big name, overweight, lazy forward after the retirement of Ronaldo. So, it could just be a match made in heaven!

Botafogo were said to be in the running but after their coach and English language enthusiast, Joel Santana, resigned, that looks like a more remote possibility.

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