Luxemburgo: “Who farted?”

Who did it? (Vipcomm)

Bad times for Flamengo. After reaching the summit of the table, they have now gone six games without winning. And on Sunday they lost 3-1 at home to lowly Bahia (Ronaldinho missed that one as was in London with the seleção). But it was what happened before that match that seems to have spoiled the mood at Flamengo.

On Saturday morning, Vanderley Luxemburgo brought his squad in for a team talk. As he was about to start his speech, one of the players let out a loud fart much to the amusement of the others. Luxemburgo didn’t see the funny side. ”That is a lack of respect”, he shouted before promptly leaving the room. He told the players that he would not train them or talk to them until the guilty party owned up. The guilty party didn’t own up and the coach didn’t take the Saturday training session.

At first the players thought he was joking. But they soon realized he was serious and ”really pissed off” according to some of those present. One player said the whole situation was like being back at school again. Is it all a lot of hot air about nothing? You would think so but the team went on to lose at home to Bahia 3-1 the next day. Things won’t get an easier either with a trip to league leaders Corinthians on Thursday night.

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