Brazil 2 Bosnia 1: open thread

Nice celebrations but.... (Mowa Press)

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The Brazilian press are saying that Ronaldinho, Neymar, Hernanes, David Luiz and Julio César were all poor. And that Ganso was good when he came on.

Julio César, Daniel Alves, David Luiz, Thiago Silva, Marcelo; Sandro (Elias), Fernandinho, Hernanes (Hulk); Ronaldinho Gaúcho (Paulo Henrique Ganso), Neymar (Jonas), Leandro Damião (Lucas).

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11 thoughts on “Brazil 2 Bosnia 1: open thread

  1. Ganso in good physical form (as he is right now) is by far the best Brazilian playmaker, no contest. Bosnian defensors focused only on Neymar, who was hunted like a dog the entire game. Once Neymar held all attention, other players should have made the job, but the only capable in the starting 11 were Marcelo and Dani. We need Robinho, Kaka and Ganso!

  2. Mano, Andres, Teixeira and the Corintiano Mafia are destroying our seleção! BC, agree about Ganso. Ronaldinho only cares about money and parties. Hopefully his last game for seleção but obviously it wont be!!!

  3. The Mafia at the CBF is a given. In my opinion it doesnt really matter if they’re Corintiano or anything else. A Mafia is a mafia and while Teixeira is there nothing is going to change. I dont think that really has too much effect of whats happening on the pitch. Mano seems like a poor coach at this level but I think Muricy would be even worse. He’s more defensive and just look at his shocking tactics against Barcelona.

    Rather than talk about the mafia (I’m planning a seperate post on that), lets talk about the football…..

    Is David Luiz the greatest fictional character ever? Why do Brazil and Chelsea play him? How many more chances will he get??? Its a mistake or two every single game these days.

    And Julio Cesar hasn’t convinced me for a while. A little unlucky for the goal I thought. I blame David Luiz. A crap pass and too much backing off.

  4. I guess Dorival Junior or Big Phil would be the best coaches. Perhaps it makes sense to give Mano until the end of the year…. there is still plenty of time before the world cup.

  5. Brazil looked disorganized and Bosnia made them look ordinary,Lucas and Ganso did well in the time they had on the pitch

  6. Tim Vickery on David Luiz:

    Alongside the imperious Thiago Silva of Milan, David Luiz brings some interesting virtues. He carries the ball out of defence well, and is willing and able to keep driving forward and make a contribution in the last third of the field – very useful against the cautious opponents Brazil are likely to face in 2014, in the early stages of the competition at least.

    The problem is the defensive side of his duties. As Chelsea have been discovering, for all his talent, David Luiz is not a natural defender. His display against Bosnia & Herzegovina was deeply worrying. A large parcel of blame for the goal Brazil conceded has to go his way (shared with goalkeeper Julio Cesar – more of him later).

    The danger began with his slack pass out of defence, and the problem was compounded when Ibisevic ran at him with the ball. At times David Luiz can be too reckless with his tackles, diving in when he would be better advised to hold his position. Perhaps in trying to avoid this error he went too far the other way, backing off so far until he offered his opponent a free shot at goal.

    This was by no means his only mistake. There were other times when he was caught out of position or unsure of what he was doing. Bosnia & Herzegovina’s star man Dzeko had by far the best of the duel, turning past him a couple of times with good use of the body, and cutting inside him at will.

    Menezes was alarmed, and revealed in the post-match press conference that he had talked to his defender about these mistakes. “Today David Luiz was below the level of David Luiz,” he said. But is that really true? Is it not more accurate to argue that the defensive deficiencies of the Chelsea man are being exposed on a regular basis?

    Certainly Menezes thought it appropriate to drop Luiz from the team a year ago after a similarly unconvincing display against Karim Benzema and France. The veteran Lucio was recalled as a short-term solution. Next time round, it will be very hard to ignore the claims of Vasco da Gama’s Dede. The doubts must surely be building inside the mind of Brazil’s coach. Come the hour of truth in 2014, can he really trust Luiz?

  7. Mano Menezes said he expected more from Ronaldinho. He was pleased with Ganso though: ”Gradually he is improving physically and that will affect his performance. He’s quicker, lighter…. Slowly he’s regaining his place in the national team and he could become one of the best Brazilian play-makers in recent years”.

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