2012 transfer latest

Vágner Love signs for Flamengo (Vipcomm)

A summary of the latest transfers in Brazilian football. I’ve given them a ranking by the impact that I think the players are likely to have at their new clubs. I don’t claim to be a prophet so feel free to disagree by leaving a comment.

Name Position From To My rating
Vágner Love CF CSKA Flamengo 8
Thiago Neves AM Flamengo Fluminense 8
Douglas AM Grêmio Corinthians 7
Kléber CF Palmeiras Grêmio 7
Dagoberto CF São Paulo Inter 7
Hernán Barcos CF LDU Palmeiras 7
Jadson AM Shakhtar São Paulo 7
Bruno Cortês LB Botafogo São Paulo 6
Mariano RB Fluminense Bordeaux 6
Marcelo Moreno CF CF Grêmio 6
Andrezinho AM Inter Botafogo 6
Carlos Tenorio CF Al-Nassr Vasco 6
Rafael Marques CB Grêmio Atlético MG 5
Daniel Carvalho AM Atlético MG Palmeiras 5
Renan GK Corinthians Vitória 5
Elton CF Vasco Corinthians 5
Zhizhao AM Nanchang Hengyuan Corinthians 5
Juninho LB Figueirense Palmeiras 5
Fucile LB Porto Santos 5
Juan LB São Paulo Santos 5
Lincoln AM Avaí­ Coritiba 4
Zé Roberto CM Inter Bahia 4
Paulo Miranda CB Bahia São Paulo 4
Martinuccio CF Fluminense Villarreal 4
Pará RB Santos Grêmio 4
Maicon AM Figueirense São Paulo 4
Edson Silva CB Figueirense São Paulo 4
Ciro CF Fluminense Bahia 3
Morais AM Corinthians Bahia 3
Gabriel Silva LB Palmeiras Udinese 3
Thiago Feltri LB Atlético GO Vasco 3
Cássio GK PSV Corinthians 2
Jean RB São Paulo Fluminense 2
Sorondo CB Inter Grêmio 2

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4 thoughts on “2012 transfer latest

  1. OOOFFTT!!! Didnt even know Dagoberto had signed for Inter. The Brazillian football isnt on tv in Scotland anymore,struggling to gain rights so im a bit out of touch. Dagoberto will be a great signing

    • So it isn’t on Premier Sports? Is that only Serie A? How about the Libertadores?
      I’m in the UK now too, listening to games on the radio… not ideal.

  2. I´ll miss Dagoberto in São Paulo…
    Bruno Cortez looks exactly like Sideshow Bob, from The Simpsons.

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