Brazil’s favourite fantasy football league

Have you picked your team yet?

Brazil’s favourite fantasy football game is called Cartola FC. Have you entered a team? Give it a go. Read on for more information. Join the Brazilfooty league too.

You will probably need to understand Portuguese to get the best out of this game, although google translate might work. Either way, you need to enter Cartola FC in your browser and go to the website, or alternatively, click here.

It is similar to most other fantasy football games: you can select your formation, you have a limited budget and players get points based on their real life performances. One of the key differences to others is that you can change you entire squad every week. There are also big changes in the valuations of each player, based on their points. If you select a player and his value goes up, you get the money. If one of your players value goes down while you have him, you lose. The swings are quite large, and much larger than other fantasy games so watch out. One of the key tips then is in the first few weeks to select undervalued players, who are likely to play, in the expectation that their values go up. That will set you up nicely (with lots of cash) for the rest of the season. In week two, select guys who did well in week one, since their value is likely to rise in week two (valuations are based on average ratings over a few weeks I’m told).

Other key tips include: playing with wingbacks, select guys who shoot a lot, guys who get fouled a lot, players that play at home. Sound interesting? Or have a Cartola team already? Join the Brazilfooty league by searching on the game for brazilfooty and following.

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