The must-sign Brazilians on Soccermanager – part 2

If you sign one player, make it AC Milan-bound Lucas Paqueta (pic: Getty Images)

With the Brasileirão Serie A ratings review now under way, this is the second installment of the best Brazilian-based players to sign in the online football game Soccermanager.

Yesterday’s post focused on the players, playing for clubs in the bottom half of the Serie A league table. Today’s post focuses on the players at the clubs in the top half of the table. Aficionados of the Soccermanager game will know what I’m talking about.

Dede, CB, Cruzeiro, 30 years

Soccermanager name: Vital DEDí‰

Current Soccermanager rating: 85

He might be getting on a bit, but like a fine wine Dede seems to be getting better with age. He helped Cruzeiro win the Brazilian Cup recently and his good club form has seen him called up to some recent Selecao squads. Cruzeiro aren’t doing too well in the league this year, but their good Libertadores Cup run and Brazilian Cup win should be enough to see a good ratings increase for Dede, to 87 or 88.

Raniel, CF, Cruzeiro, 22 years

Soccermanager name: Vasconcelos RANIEL

Current Soccermanager rating: 78

He isn’t in the elite category of young players, but Tite has apparently kept an eye on the player as a possible option for Brazil in the future, as an option to their problem number nine position. 15 out of his 25 league appearances have come from the bench this year, but he has made some important contribution and scored four league goals in the process.

Pedro, CF, Fluminense, 21 years

Soccermanager name: Guilherme PEDRO

Current Soccermanager rating: 78

Get this lad in your team, quick. He is currently injured with a cruciate ligament injury. Very unfortunate for the player, who was the top scorer in the league when suffering the injury and had just been called up to the full Brazil squad (Richarlison took his place). His rating will go up given the games he played before his injury. He is also most definitely one for the future. Had scored 10 goals in 19 league games before his injury.

Ibanez, CB, Fluminense, 19 years

Soccermanager name: Roger IBAí‘EZ

Current Soccermanager rating:70

It isn’t often that 19 year olds centre backs can handle the rough and tumble of the Brazilian Serie A. But this guy can – get him signed up. 10 league games under his belt this season so far. You might also want to sign these lads that play for Fluminense and are all set for ratings increases too: Candido RICHARD, Matheus ALESSANDRO, Pablo DYEGO, Silva EVERALDO.

Pablo, CF, Atletico-PR, 26 years

Soccermanager name: Felipe PABLO

Current Soccermanager rating: 83

Not one for the future anymore, but he has scored 10 goals in 27 games, which has propelled his team into the top half of the table. Rating set to rise to 85 I’d guess.

Bruno Guimaraes, CM, Atletico-PR, 20 years

Soccermanager name: Bruno GUIMARíƒES

Current Soccermanager rating: 70

Has played a lot of first team football for a 20 year old. 25 league games this year to be precise. Set for a solid ratings increase.

Rodrygo, wing, Santos, 17 years

Soccermanager name: Silva RODRYGO

Current Soccermanager rating:73

Real Madrid forked out 45 million euros for him in real life. Is there any question that you want to buy him? Has scored 6 goals in 23 starts and 3 substitute appearances.

Yuri Alberto, CF, Santos, 17 years

Soccermanager name: Yuri ALBERTO

Current Soccermanager rating: 73

He hasn’t firmly established himself in the first team yet like Rodrygo, but this 17-year old is another one of the many talents off the Santos production line. Likely to get more game time once Rodrgygo completes his move to Madrid. One for the future.

Gustavo Blanco, DM, Atletico-MG, 24 years

Soccermanager name: Gustavo BLANCO

Current Soccermanager rating: 77

He was dominating Atletico Mineiro’s midfield before he got injured. But Blanco has hopefully played enough games and shown enough talent to warrant a solid ratings increase. Was even being touted as a possible seleção player by some. That might be a bit of a stretch, but lets hope he recovers quickly and resumes from where he left off.

Emerson, RB, Atletico-MG, 19 years

Soccermanager name: Aparecido EMERSON

Current Soccermanager rating: 70

Must sign. Simple as that. Check the top ten youngsters post from August. I think even more highly of him now, than I did when I wrote that post.

Everton (Cebolinha), wing, Gremio, 22 years

Soccermanager name: Soares EVERTON

Current Soccermanager rating: 86

One of the top players playing in Brazil these days. Taken over from Luan as Gremio’s best player. Gremio might not win the league this year, but they look likely to qualify for the Copa Libertadores final for the second year in a row. Everton’s rating set to rise thanks to his part in that. Manchester City have sent scouts to watch him and he recently made his full debut for the Selecao. Buy.

Luan, who plays for Gremio, is another buy, but his rating is already 90 and I don’t expect another increase unless he moves to a top European club. Not sure if that will happen.

Liziero, DM, Sao Paulo, 20 years

Soccermanager name: Igor LIZIERO

Current Soccermanager rating: 70

This 20-year-old has broken into the Sao Paulo team this year and has played 24 league matches. Got temperament, a nice left foot and can tackle. Could develop into a very good player.

Brenner, F, Sao Paulo, 18 years

Soccermanager name: Silva BRENNER

Current Soccermanager rating: 76

Has only played a few games for the senior team, but he is highly rated.

Iago, LB, Internacional, 21 years

Soccermanager name: Borduchi IAGO

Current Soccermanager rating: 73

Has started all but two of Internacional’s league games this season, who are sitting in third place in the league and in with a shout of winning the league title. Set for a big increase and a highly-rated player.

Patrick, CM/AM, Internacional, 26 years

Soccermanager name: Bezerra PATRICK

Current Soccermanager rating: 83

Like Iago, one of the first names on the team sheet. Five goals in 28 league games.

Brenner, F, Internacional, 19 years

Soccermanager name: Sabino BRENNER

Current Soccermanager rating: 73

One of the top young players coming through at International.

Lucas Paqueta, AM, Flamengo, 21 years

Soccermanager name: Lucas PAQUETí

Current Soccermanager rating: 83

The crown jewel in the batch of talented young players at Flamengo. He is Flamengo’s talisman. He has scored 10 goals in 26 league games, has a wand of a left foot and can also tackle. No fluke that he has earned a Selecao call-up and he is heading to AC Milan in a big money move in January. One for now and the future.

Other must-buy players at Flamengo are: Léo DUARTE, Jean LUCAS, Correa LINCOLN and Matheus THULER. Don’t ask questions – just buy them!

Hyoran, AM, Palmeiras, 25 years

Soccermanager name: Dalmoro HYORAN

Current Soccermanager rating: 80

Most of Palmeiras’ players are already pretty highly rated so not much scope for further increase, even if they are top of the league. Hyoran is likely to have one of the biggest rises since he was a relative unknown until this season and has become a regular in the team this year. Rafael PAPAGAIO is a top youngster although he hasn’t played many first team games.There is also a very highly rated lad called Artur, who is 20 years old and isn’t in the game yet, but he should be soon. Good prospect. Antí´nio CARLOS, rated 83, is also set for a nifty increase.

Robson Bambu, CB, Santos, 20 years

Keeping some senior players out of the team at Santos. Looks like he has the physique to succeed. Not in the Soccermanager yet, but look out for his name in the new players lists – sure to be coming soon. Do your best to sign up. Top prospect.

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