The must-sign Brazilians on Soccermanager – part 1

If he’s interesting Real Madrid in real life, he’s probably good enough for your team on Soccermanager (Pic: Rodrigo Gazzanel/RM Sports)

Aficionados of the football management game Soccermanager will be interested to know that the Brazilian league rating review began today. Here are the players you need to buy.

Soccermanager usually starts by review teams at the bottom of a league and working their way up the table and it looks like this time will be no different. Sport and Parana, the teams at the bottom of the Brazilian Serie A, were reviewed today (Friday). It remains to be seen just how quickly the teams get done, but if they continue to do review just two teams a day, you should still have time to sign several of these players before their ratings go up. Don’t drag you’re feet. I’ve sorted them by the position in the league of the team that they play for. Players at lower-ranked teams, and most likely to be reviewed first, are at the top.

Ronaldo, GK, Vitoria, 22 years

Soccermanager name: Oliveira RONALDO

Current Soccermanager rating: 70

This lad came into the team in the middle of the season and his kept his place in the starting line-up. He is making an impression and his rating is set to rise for sure.

Yago Pikachu, AM, Vasco, 26 years

Soccermanager name: Yago PIKACHU

Current Soccermanager rating: 83

This lad is killing it this year. He used to be a right back, but now he is an attacking midfielder and has scored 9 goals in 28 games. His rating rise will be capped given Vasco’s lowly position, but I think it will go up. And it wouldn’t surprise me if he moved to a bigger club next season. Also named after a Pokemon, which is cool.

Andrey Ramos, CM, Vasco, 20 years

Soccermanager name: Andrey RAMOS

Current Soccermanager rating: 75

Not as good as Pikachu, but he does have an eye for goal and he is perhaps more of a prospect given his age. Has played 18 league games this year so rating set to rise.

Ricardo Graca, CB, Vasco, 21 years

Soccermanager name: Ricardo GRAí‡A

Current Soccermanager rating: 70

Sign him up. Young, lowly-rated at the moment, but has played 11 league games.

Arthur, CF, Ceara, 20 years

Soccermanager name: Mendonça ARTHUR

Current Soccermanager rating: 76

He is a big lad despite being just 20 years old. Took a while to adapt to the Serie A, but now he is scoring goals. And he starts most games for his team. Will move to Palmeiras next year, where he is likely to take his career to the next level.

Saulo, GK, Botafogo, 23 years

Soccermanager name: Ferreira SAULO

Current Soccermanager rating: 70

A relative late bloomer. But he is making a name for himself after filling in for the injured first choice duo of Gatito Fernandes and Jefferson. Gatito holds a European passport and is interesting European clubs, while Jefferson is getting on and won’t be around forever. Saulo could soon be Botafogo’s first choice keeper.

Gustavo Bochecha, CM, Botafogo, 22 years

Soccermanager name: Gustavo BOCHECHA

Current Soccermanager rating: 73

Starts most games for Botafogo these days.

Mantuan, RB, Corinthians, 21 years

Soccermanager name: Guilherme MANTUAN

Current Soccermanager rating: 73

Filled in well for Fagner during the World Cup and has made a total of 14 league appearances for Corinthians this season.

Leo Santos, CB, Corinthians, 19 years

Soccermanager name: Léo SANTOS

Current Soccermanager rating: 77

Feels like he has been a prospect forever, but finally he he got his break in the first team and has kept his place, edging Pedro Henrique (rated 83 and four years his senior) out of the team. Looks like he could become a Rolls Royce type of player. Has made a few mistakes this year, but he is only a young lad. 14 league appearances so far this season.

Pedrinho, AM, Corinthians, 20 years

Soccermanager name: Delmino PEDRINHO

Current Soccermanager rating: 80

Plays a lot of games. But hardly scores any goals, which is a problem for a forward. Has potential, clearly, and is set for a ratings rise. Remains to be seen how far he can go.

Gregore, CM, Bahia, 25 years

Soccermanager name: Magalhães GREGORE

Current Soccermanager rating: 73

Been in the wilderness, but has hit the jackpot this year. Plays nearly every game.

Ze Rafael, CM, Bahia, 25 years

Soccermanager name: Zé RAFAEL

Current Soccermanager rating: 85

This lad is highly-rated and moving to Palmeiras next season. Also a Brazilian fantasy football manager’s dream. Plays nearly every game for Bahia and is their star player.

Junior Brumado, CF, Bahia, 19 years

Soccermanager name: Júnior BRUMADO

Current Soccermanager rating: 70

Young lad. Big frame. He is a prospect alright, although it remains to be seen whether he has the guile needed to make it to the top. Has scored one goal in ten league games, with seven of those coming as a substitute.

Bruno Silva, F, Chapecoense, 18 years

Not in the game yet, but he should be included during this review. Look out for him in the new players section and snap him up. He is only 18, but has played 25 league games for the club this year, although he has only scored one goal.

Ramires, CM, Bahia, 18 years

This lad isn’t in the game’s database yet, but he should be. Class. Has started the last 6 games. Bring him in at all costs.

That’s all I’ve got time for tonight. Part II coming soon.

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