Weekly wrap and Cartola FC update

Zé Rafael comemora o primeiro gol do Palmeiras
Zé Rafael scored two goals after coming on as a substitute against Fortaleza

The second round of the 2019 Brasileirão is here. Here’s what to do next.

It really an exciting opening weekend to Brazil’s national championship with plenty of goals and talking points.

Palmeiras reinforced their title chasing credentials as they thumped Fortaleza 4-0. Flamengo made a big statement of intent by beating title hopefuls Cruzeiro 3-1, while Athletico-PR and Ceara, put four goals past Vasco and CSA, respectively. São Paulo got off to a solid start with a win, but Corinthians slipped up against Bahia and lost 3-2 (their normally reliable defence having an off day).

There were some big winners and losers too in Cartola FC, Brazil’s favourite fantasy football game. One of the key strategies in week 1 was to pick players who were likely to see their value rise, boosting the value of your team and your coffers for the weeks and months ahead. So the plan, was to pick players who were didn’t cost much, but likely to score points.

For me, in some cases that worked a treat: Ceará’s Ricardo Bueno scored two goals and his valued jumped from C$4.00 to C$18.52. In other cases, like Thiago Heleno and Guga, I got burned: they got negative points and their values dropped. Overall though, I did okay: 70 points and the value of my team rose C$19.9 meaning I have more money to play with.

The plan this week, round two, is to focus on the same thing: appreciation of the team. Here are the best ways to do that:

  • Buy guys that did very well in round 1, and whose values went up, since their values are likely to continue going up in round 2 (the valuation is based off an average points, and doesn’t get fully priced in each week)
  • For the same reason, don’t buy guys that did really badly in week 1, since their average over weeks 1 and 2 is likely to continuing bringing down their value in week 2
  • Sign guys that are cheap, didn’t do terribly in week 1 and that have potential to better in week two, giving them a decent average points haul over the two weeks
  • Note: players that didn’t play in week 1, but that are likely to play in week 2 (like Cruzeiro’s Leo) will have their value determined off their average rating, even if that is just one game (in other words, for those players, week 2 is going to be key for their valuation)
  • Keep in mind that a average rating over is the thing that determines a players valuation
  • Pick players that get you lost of points – obviously that is the main objective of the game; it also helps with the valuation of your players.

How do I know all of this? I follow this guy’s videos (he won the game a few years ago and has some decent tips). Good luck in week 2! 😉



Want to have a go? Or already signed up and looking for another league. Join the Brazilfooty league. When you’re in the game, look for Brazilfooty under the Competiçíµes tab.

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