Brasileirão 2018 preview

Will it be a straight fight between Palmeiras and Corinthians? (Pic: Amanda Perobelli /Estadao)

The Brasileirão kicks off this weekend. Palmeiras are the bookies’ favourites. Corinthians are the pundits’ favourites. Cruzeiro, Grêmio and Flamengo will want to have something to say about that. Here’s a lowdown of all the teams, the major ins and outs, players to watch, my predictions and the latest betting odds. Continue reading

Discontent at São Paulo after another defeat

São Paulo’s players don’t look like turning it around

São Paulo are one of the big guns in Brazilian football, but they’ve had a wretched run over the last few years. Things hit a new low on Saturday as they slumped to defeat against São Caetano, although the players do have a chance to redeem themselves on Tuesday night. Continue reading

Soccermanager scout: 40 players to sign in Brazil

Luan: get him signed up (Photo: Mowapress)

Are you a fan of the online football management game Soccermanager? If so, read on to find out the names of 40 players in Brazil that you need to sign. Continue reading

Ten players your team can sign from Brazil this transfer window

Good enough for the seleção, but would he make it in England? (Photo: Mowapress)

Some of the hottest property in Brazil may have already made its way to Europe this summer, but there are still plenty of good players left in Brazil. Still need a star striker before the transfer window closes? Damn right you do. Forward this post to your local club Chairman and tell him to get his cheque book out fast.
Continue reading

Experiencing Futebol

The futebol bug (AFP)

The futebol bug (AFP)

Brazilfooty is rethinking itself and embracing new ideas to improve the site. As part of the process, we’re inviting authors, travellers and inspired people to contribute. If you think you’ve got what it takes and/or something worth saying, please get in touch. The first new contributor is Eric, an American who has recently moved to Brazil with his (Brazilian) wife and Brazilfooty reader. As a ‘soccer enthusiast’ and with a passion for Brazil, he has already caught the Brazilian futebol bug and started his own blog about Brazilian football ( Here are his reflections on the game, how he came to love it and what it means in Brazil. Check it out. Continue reading

Confederations Cup and Brazilian street protest reflections

Neymar collects one of his trophies in front of the cronies (Mowa Press)

Neymar collects one of his trophies in front of the cronies (Mowa Press)

On Tuesday I published a post with my reaction to Brazil’s stunning victory against Spain in the Confederations Cup final. In this post, I reflect on the more important point that was raised during the Confederations Cup: the massive street protests. What does this win do for the protest movement, if anything? People always pull off the clichés about winning will unite the country. Bollocks. Continue reading